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A Look At Some Popular Ideas For Dumb Gifts

Can’t think of any dumb gifts ideas? Well, go through this article for loads of popular ideas for dumb gifts which you will find a lot different.

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A Useful Guide On The Dumb Gifts For Children

Go through this useful guide to stay away form dumb gift ideas for children. Avoid buying dumb gifts for children if you really want to make them happy.

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Dumb Gifts For Your Mother – A Review

Stay away from the bad dumb gift ideas for your mother. Read about the dumb gifts for your mother and avoid buying them. Discover the dumb gifts for mom here.

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Reviewing The Dumb Gifts For Your Father

Stay away from any dumb gift ideas for your father and give him what he wants. Don’t’ buy dumb gifts for your father if you really want him to be happy.

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A Comprehensive Guide On Dumb Gifts For Your Wife

Be smart and avoid any dumb gift ideas for your wife. Guys, just go through this article and stop buying dumb gifts for your wife.

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Some Popular Ideas For Dumb Gifts

Everybody has some weirdos in their life. Perhaps you are tired of looking for something they'll actually like or they are hard to shop for. Why not try some new ideas for dumb gifts for them and confuse them instead? These strange dumb gifts ideas will be a great ways to throw off the defined and fixed gift ideas people expect from you.

One of the popular ideas for dumb gifts for playing pranks is the Toilet Monster which is a horrifying green creature attached to the inside of a toilet bowl. It is completely hidden when the lid is closed, but when an unsuspecting person lifts the lid, the Toilet Monster pops out to greet them and you hear a scream from the bathroom. Have fun even though you may feel ashamed of yourself for even considering this dumb gifts idea. Some other new ideas for dumb gifts for playing a prank include shocking camera which given a harmless shock to the user. What’s better than making a fool of your friends with a bunch of super realistic looking lotto tickets and making them believe that they have just hit the jackpot?

Another good idea for dumb gifts is the Fart Slippers. With each step one takes, a RIPP-IIRRR sound is let out. These dumb gifts are perfect for just about every occasion. Here are a few dumb gifts ideas for those irritating girls in your life. Glow in the Dark Lipstick or Nail polish, which glow a fascinating green in the dark.

Want to try some dumb gifts ideas in the office? Try peanut erasers which look very real. Imagine inflating your Tie to rest your head comfortably anywhere. Pillow-Tie by far is the best innovation. Shocking chewing gum is a pack of gum that looks like a real gum, but when your unsuspecting colleague tries to chew a bit, it breaks.

Some other ideas for dumb gifts include Gummy Bacon, which looks like bacon but does not taste like bacon. You can try Garlic Mints, which actually give you pure garlic breath! You suddenly want to feel as more well-read and computer savvy, instead of being cool and popular, then try these Nerd Glasses.

One can go on and on with new ideas for dumb gifts. Browse other sections of the site to get more info on dumb gifts.