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A Look At Some Popular Ideas For Dumb Gifts

Can’t think of any dumb gifts ideas? Well, go through this article for loads of popular ideas for dumb gifts which you will find a lot different.

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A Useful Guide On The Dumb Gifts For Children

Go through this useful guide to stay away form dumb gift ideas for children. Avoid buying dumb gifts for children if you really want to make them happy.

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Dumb Gifts For Your Mother – A Review

Stay away from the bad dumb gift ideas for your mother. Read about the dumb gifts for your mother and avoid buying them. Discover the dumb gifts for mom here.

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Reviewing The Dumb Gifts For Your Father

Stay away from any dumb gift ideas for your father and give him what he wants. Don’t’ buy dumb gifts for your father if you really want him to be happy.

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A Comprehensive Guide On Dumb Gifts For Your Wife

Be smart and avoid any dumb gift ideas for your wife. Guys, just go through this article and stop buying dumb gifts for your wife.

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Accepting A Dumb Gift

It happens to all of us. We all have received bad or dumb gifts at some or the other point in time. Whether it's a birthday, wedding or Christmas, the season for bad gifts never ends for some people. If you've ever given a dumb gift, you only know how much courage it takes to say "Great! Thank you” without hurting the giver's feelings. So, how to accept a dumb gift? Well, on this page, you will read about accepting a dumb gift politely.

The first thing to do is to lower your expectations and focus more on the occasion, whether it is Christmas, a wedding or a birthday. Remember, it is not always about you but about the spirit of the season. Focus on how much people love you and not the things they give you. This will help you in graciously accepting a dumb gift.

For accepting a dumb gift with grace, pay attention to the effort expended, and not on the gift, especially when receiving a gift from a child. Remember that they love you, but perhaps they don’t know how to shop for your gift. Your husband may be deeply in love with you but that doesn't mean that he is supposed to remember your measurements and size.

For accepting a dumb gift politely, you must first practice making a poker face. Never, ever expose your true feelings when you open a really dumb gift. You have to be a smart thinker to disperse the awkwardness and say something really nice and sweet. You will need a lot of practice with your facial expressions as well as your whole body language. Practice being gracious when you accept a dumb gift.

Also become an expert in gearing responses like “Wow! This is perfect for me!” or better “Thank you, I've always wanted this". These expressions are just appropriate and will help in accepting a dumb gift with grace.

The truth is there will always be really, really dumb gifts out there. The best thing one can do is to be well prepared and accept a dumb gift graciously. However, you can always make an effort the following year and drop hints about what you'd really like to receive.